Ceramics - pots and other items made from clay hardened by heat.

Jean Melville and Margaret Melville Hugo opened a craft business specializing in Porcelain Dolls and Hobby Ceramic Supplies 28 years ago. The company is still JMDolls and Porcelain but is now trading as Ceramix. The business has undergone many changes over the years and one must never forget where one began. Margaret is passionate about what she does and is very excited about making the Ceramix range. She believes that the past 28 years were training for the vision she now has of her ceramic future and Ceramix. Margaret cannot even start to describe in words the great love she feels for each and every item that passes through her hands many times before completion. There is nothing quite like the creative process of working with clay. 

Margaret and her staff of 5 are a happy family that put their hearts & souls into producing unique beautiful ware for you to treasure and enjoy.

This range of ceramics is one of the most simple and functional in today’s marketplace. Its design and construction is built around three key words: quality, durability, design.

It is a little bit of the unusual and a lot of the unexpected; a gorgeous rabbit perched on top of a coffee cup, his darling droopy ears just about dipping into the cup, cats chasing their tails on top of platters and even an Iguana set inside a snack platter.  Seeing is believing with this range. There is something in it to suit everyone's taste and to grab your attention.

Ceramix is a South African company that manufactures limited quantities of ceramics at a pottery located on the outskirts of Johannesburg. A whole series of functional items are designed in collections around a central theme. 

The Ceramix collections are made entirely from locally sourced materials. The terracotta clay is glazed white so that the brown clay peeps through the sheer white glaze. You will adore the juxtaposition between the smooth and rough textures of the glaze and clay and how these elements are brought together in different ways. 

Your ware is made by people you will like with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience. Your unique ware will add a certain style to your life and become a much loved focal item for every occasion. As soon as you touch your Ceramix ware you will know that it is something unique that you will treasure for many years to come.

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