South African Postal Service vs Courier

Courier Post office SAPO South African Post Office

The South African Post Office (Sapo) is on a rapid decline into bankruptcy and extremely poor service. As a result, most people avoid it and choose to rather pay the hefty amount to use a courier in order to get the package or letter to its destination safely and in only a few days.

The one thing we are forced to do through Sapo or the Licencing Department is to processes car licence disc renewals. There is also a pricey alternative, of using a private company that ques on your behalf.

The Post Office is one of the country’s biggest employers with about 23 000 people in its employ and closing it will be dreadful for our economy.
One idea would be to sell the postal services setup to a private company like Postnet, which is already providing this service.

We recently received a registered letter that was sent from Pretoria to Johannesburg and took 2 months to get here. That’s almost comprehendible.

This is why Gift Emporium uses couriers to send all your goodies to you, as waiting anything over a week is unacceptable. Yes its more expensive but so worth it in the end.

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