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From: Backpackers South Africa

Why it’s important to support local art

Supporting local talent is a great opportunity for cultures to connect, and for communities to grow together. There are so many reasons why you should support local work, and apart from it driving tourism and rewarding innovative minds for their beautiful talents, art has the ability to share common values and beliefs between different groups of people. This type of communication is important for society.

No matter the place or origin of the piece, what matters is skills used to showcase that beautiful social structure. 

 It fuels the economy

In such tight economic conditions, artists struggle to sell their work and individuals struggle to support them because of the cost. With local art, it’s affordable and it’s easier to support because you’re supporting content that resonates with you. 

The art is original and different

The beauty of local art is that there are so many African art styles to choose from. Be it landscapes, portraits or wildlife, local artists always offer something original and unique. Most pieces are designed without the latest technologies to assist or speed up the process, therefore these handmade pieces are one-of-a-kind. When you buy something that is carefully crafted and different, it brings a sense of exclusivity into your purchase. 

It’s affordable for society

When you support and buy from local artists, most of them aren’t well-known for their work, which is why it tends to be affordable in the beginning. That piece of art then becomes a long-term investment, because as the artist becomes more recognisable, the piece of art will rise in value.

 It creates a sense of culture

Art is a common denominator in almost every country’s history. Creativity is a beautiful experience that brings people and communities together, regardless of race, gender, age or religion. Take African art for example, artists always express their feelings towards a specific topic which resonates with many people. That feeling then brings cultures together to celebrate our heritage.  

It drives tourism

As mentioned, art is a universal language that people appreciate and respect. Over the years, people have lost hope in African creativity, but slowly it’s becoming a refreshed tourist attraction for many travelling to S.A 

It inspires young minds

Younger generations are delving into creative careers where they’ve started using their talents to earn money. In order to keep the trend going, our existing communities need to support local art to show children just how important and special it is.

Final words

Beyond the creative benefits that art has on society, art has a measurable impact on our economy, health and well-being, society and education. It allows people the opportunity to communicate across barriers of language and culture, where words cannot be used to express the same thoughts.

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