We've been open 1 month today!

Wow, what a ride the first month has been. As a first time online seller and a below novice website creator and content writer, I've been blown away with how much I've learnt and discovered. The best way to find problems, mistakes and obvious glitches is to ask friends and family to view your website and boy did they see things I never would have. To me the understanding was simple and straightforward but to others, they were confused and thought I had less than 10 products available on my site. It must have looked like a sub par website, created by a toddler and supported by half a supplier. 

So I welcomed the comments and suggestions and made many changes and they were right, it's 100% better. There is still a long way to go and many learning curves but that excites me. Not only have I learnt about websites, design, photography, product descriptions but also social media marketing and ways to get your name out there and noticed. Only the lucky few hit it off from word go and start making decent money immediately, but the majority, like me, have to be prepared to sit it out and keep pushing. 

The physical shop, On A Whim, that I'm working very closely with and running the online side of things, went through the very same process. It opened its door with a handful of products and big ideas but took a little while to grow into the massive success it is today. I hope to follow in their footsteps and provide the rest of South Africa with the same outstanding products and creative thinking. 

I look forward to many months of growth, learning and offering you, my wonderful customers, just what you want and need.  

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