About us

Gift Emporium is the online gift store for On a Whim. This magical shop was opened in July 2013 in the Lonehill shopping centre, Johannesburg. It’s quirky, it’s unique and it has something for everybody. It’s almost impossible to enter the store and not buy something. So why not open its doors to the rest of South Africa? Of course we can!

Gift Emporium also does flea markets around Johannesburg.

All suppliers of Gift Emporium are African, with the majority being on our very own doorstop. So please, have a browse and spoil yourself.

A: P.O Box 994, Lonehill, Johannesburg, 2062 or On A Whim Shop LL10, Lonehill Shopping Center

E: info@giftemporium.co.za

C: 083 635 3000

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