Platter - Scottie

Platter - Scottie

Regular price R 500.00

Square sushi platter, featuring a Scottie dogs head.

Size: 26 cm x 26 cm (approx.)


Each piece is designed and painted using South African sourced materials and is named and has a story of its own. A one of a kind.

They are also functional.

The pieces are one of a kind, hand painted, much needed high quality ceramics with soul. Most pieces are made from earthenware clay that gets fired 3 times in total before it is ready for sale. Starting it off from raw clay to bisque-ware, fired to 1000C. The second firing is after painting at 750C and the third and final firing is to turn the clay body into ceramics and to vitrify the clay. The top temperature of this firing is 1100C and this temperature is held for a minimum of 30 minutes.   

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